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How to Boost a Phone Signal in Rural Areas?

Rural areas can offer quite a challenge in obtaining a strong phone signal. Those that live in such areas understand how frustrating this can be. Poor connectivity, dropped calls, slow uploads and downloads speeds all these can weigh heavily on anybody looking to communicate effectively. Most cellular carriers tend to saturate highly populated areas with their cell towers and tend to forget the rural areas hence the slow connectivity.

While this trend is unlikely to change soon, there are fully functional alternative solutions that can compensate the lack of infrastructure to those living in rural areas. Top of the lists among these are cell phone signals boosters.  How to boost phone signal?, below are some methods

What are cell phone boosters for rural areas?

Signal boosters are systems that offer a bi-directional amplifier used to improve cellular reception. These boosters are able to overcome obstacles such as distance to the nearest cell tower and buildings that obstruct the line from the cell tower. If you are looking to boost phone signal this is the surest way to achieve that.


There are other simple ways that you can use to improve cell reception in rural areas if you are not looking to invest in a phone booster. Let’s look at some of them below.

Have sufficient battery power

Enough battery power is important to keep your phone working well. To make calls, send texts, and maintain reliable signals you need to maintain your power for as long as you ca.

Switch to a better cell phone carrier

Discrepancies in signal strengths depend on different network providers. In rural areas with few carrier, providers choose one with the best signal coverage to ensure that your connection runs stable.

Use Wi-Fi instead

†An alternative solution is to switch to using Wi-Fi, if you are at a home and have a broadband Wi-Fi router connected and your mobile provider offers Wi-Fi calling then you can try this option. It is important that your phone is compatible with this option to.

Boost a Phone Signal

Turn off other electronic devices

Electronic devices like laptops, microwaves and iPads can interfere with phone signals.

If you are having trouble making calls it is important you turn off these devices. This will significantly help to keep the signal stable.

Move outside when you are on a call

This may look basic but if you are facing extreme network lapses then this might help. Going outside will give you a strong signal as there are limited hindrances to the network.

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