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Carpet Cleaning


Regardless of how careful we are around the house, it is inevitable that over time our carpets pick up dirt and dust which can lead to our expensive carpets losing the fresh, clean look they had when first fitted. In an ideal world, carpets should be vacuumed on a daily basis but, given the bust lives we all lead, this is pretty much an impossible task!


Hallways and living rooms are areas of high traffic so are particularly at risk from dirt, dust, pollens, and germs. By choosing a simple and regular routine of carpet cleaning maintenance then you can extend the lifespan of your carpets and keep them looking like new for much longer!

How is carpet cleaning done?

A Professional cleaning of your carpets will typically consist of three steps

  • Clean – The carpets will be cleaned with special high powered vacuums which will remove dirt, dust, hairs etc and ensure the carpet of any debris before the next stage.
  • Wash & Rinse – This step is the core part of the carpet cleaning and it tackles the removal of the stains in the fibres of the carpet and any deep rooted dirt.
  • Steam Sterilising – When trying to remove or eliminate the microorganisms that can hide in the fibres it is vital that they are treated with steam sterilisation. If they go untreated, these microorganisms can circulate through your carpet and even become airborne.


Does professional cleaning really work?

As with most tasks, the more they are performed, the easier they become. Professional carpet cleaners have vast experience in dealing with all different types of stains and soiling. In addition to having the necessary experience, carpet technicians also have at their disposal professional grade cleaning equipment and a vast range of specialist cleaning products. This combination of the experience, skill and access to the right equipment lead to flawless results and carpets that will look as good as when they were first laid.


Can I do it myself?

Whilst it is possible to try to tackle the carpet cleaning process yourself, we highly recommend leaving it to the pros! As we all know, carpets can be an expensive investment and should therefore be treated carefully. Why risk permanently damaging them, or even worse having to have them replaced, by using off the shelf products and chemicals you have never used before?


In addition, you will need to shop around to find a cleaning machine to hire, search for the right detergents to suit the particular carpet, move all of the furniture and then do the actual cleaning! Oh, and don’t forget you will need to collect and drop off the machine too! Why not just sit back and avoid all of that stress by having experienced professionals take care of the job for you??

How much is carpet cleaning?

One of the questions most of us have before booking is, how much does carpet cleaning service cost? Well, it is probably less than you think! The price varies depending on a few key factors, the first being the size of the carpet. Obviously, the bigger the carpet, the more it will cost.


However, it is worth noting most companies will offer discounted rates if you book in multiple cleanings, so you can potentially save money by having a few rooms done on the same day! Another important factor is the type and material of your carpet, for example, nylon or polyester, machine or hand made? The cost of an average-sized room is typically between 60-120.

How do I find a local professional?

If you require the services of an experienced, professional for carpet cleaning in your area then all you need is MyConstructor! Our platform gives you access to a nationwide network of tried and tested professional cleaners, along with genuine customer reviews, their availability, and fixed prices for the service you require!

All you need to do is click here, enter your postcode and answer a few simple questions about the service you require. Remember, you can book with us online 24/7 and we offer discounts for block bookings, so don’t delay and book in your professional carpet clean now with MyConstructor.

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