Teeth Whitening- Questions & Answers

Teeth-Whitening-TipsWe all want to have that perfect smile. People go to great lengths to have a healthy set of teeth because it adds to their self-confidence. However, due to certain factors like poor eating habits, neglecting oral hygiene and other medical conditions, the teeth may sometimes be stained and lose their appealing white color. But you do not have to stay with badly looking teeth all your life. You can still have that perfect smile. So teeth whitening have been an option for such people. What are the common questions regarding this procedure?

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  1. How do I know if I qualify? Basically everyone can benefit from teeth whitening. Check with your dentist first to know of you is the right candidate. However, there are certain risk factors which can determine if you need teeth whitening like tooth sensitivity. Other people at risk are those with enamel loss, younger individuals in whom the enamel is more porous.
  2. How long will the result last? The process is not meant to be permanent. Generally it may last for 6 months to 2 years. You cannot change the fading process but you can slow down the process by avoiding staining habits like smoking or eating sugary foods.
  3. Is it safe? Yes. The process is absolutely safe and there are studies showing that white bleaching is safe. However, if you have had cosmetic surgery before, you may not be the right candidate for teeth whitening. Check first with a dentist.
  4. Do tooth pastes whiten? Toothpaste has been thought to whiten because of their ability to remove plaque and other material but they cannot change the underlying tooth color.


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