The best places to go in Mayfair

When people hear “Mayfair” they often think of the most expensive and luxurious clubs and restaurants in London, and that’s exactly what they should be thinking about.

  • This article will give you amazing tips and tricks how to enjoy your night in Mayfair.
  • Mayfair with friends

Mayfair is the best to visit on Friday night with bunch of friends to get the most out of the night, if you want to visit some nice quiet restaurant with amazing club on the other floor, I’d highly recommend you Novikov, this place has been well knowing for the richest people in London, as you have to spend minimum £100 pounds if you want to have a dinner at this place. In this way, they make sure that just the VIP can afford to visit this noble restaurant.


  • What if you are alone

The problem might be when you are in London on a business trip, and you don’t have any friends in the city. What can you do? You don’t want to be the strange person who goes out alone. So you can go out with some random girl from tinder, that will probably embarrass you in a luxurious part of a city like Mayfair.

The other option is to get Mayfair escorts, she can be your companion and you can enjoy a great night with her. The benefits of elite escorts is that they know exactly how to behave in posh places, and the chance that she will embarrass is non-existent as they are going to places like this all the time.


  • Conclusion

So here you have it, if you want to have an amazing night out you should visit Mayfair with friends or with attractive women, that will make your night even more fun.