Kartell Furniture from fci London Showroom

Kartell is a leading and world renowned design company due to its amazing and exquisite plastic furniture. Founded back in the year 1949, the company has grown immensely and has become synonymous to Italian designs. The designing of contemporary plastic furniture pieces is simply genius, and no other company does it better than Kartell.

The company has been in the forefront for more than six decades now. Among the many Kartell furniture items that you are bound to find at fci London, you can expect to find interior designs merchandise, various types of plastic chairs such as arm chairs, furniture with modern lights and many more.

Research and creativity has led to Kartell manufacturing some of the most amazing and revolutionary furniture in the twenty first century. The major evolution of plastics taking place in the world is what Kartell has capitalized on to come up with awesome inventions. Technology is also widely employed by Kartell in their products and thus they have successfully managed to manufacture contemporary furniture products with various properties. These properties differs significantly in their transparency, softness, colors, flexibility and resistance.

In fci London, you expect to find Kartell products that have several functions. And the best part is that all these products are unique in their designs. The designs are attractive and charismatic. You can’t help but instantly fall in love with them. Kartell Company has invested a lot of resources to innovate these revolutionary products that make your home vibrant and cozy to live. They come in various degrees of transparency, shapes and functionality.

More so, the Kartell products you find in fci London are very easy to use. Also the fact they can perform many functions endears them to many people. The brand of the products is also a household name as they are all authentic Italian products. All the products from Kartell are made with utmost creativity, care and style that you can’t find in any other product. Also the fact that they are also plastic is something that can be described as pure genius.

For instance, the Bubble Club Sofa won an award in the year 2001. The sofa is designed to accommodate two people and plastic is the only material used to make it. However, what is of interest is the way it is designed to have contours that are soft. The armrests of the sofa and the backrest are sleek and comfortable.


To get more of the cutting edge furniture from Kartell, visit fci London as there are lots of amazing Kartell furniture that will make your home look like paradise.